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Oh wow didn’t expect the end.

While I agree with the message, we should also be teaching boys that it’s okay to cry.

Boys can cry and I will hug them bc it’s okay to be sad and cry

The point of this ad (to the second commenter) is that, in telling boys they can’t cry because they will be perceived as weak, you create emotionally-stunted men whose only method of expressing themselves is through violence and aggression. In saying “man” is interchangeable exclusively with “strong”, they grow up to believe that anyone who ISN’T a man (women, queer people) IS weak, and thus they have warrant to harm them.

These things are linked.

In ending toxic masculinity, you end misogyny and queerphobia. That’s why the ad says “Start with the boys”, because at such a young age, males are susceptible to all sorts of harmful ideals. I myself was, and it’s taken me almost 20 years to wash them off, and you know what? There’s still more to do.

In creating emotionally-healthy young boys, you create an environment where men respect others who are different to them. In ending traditional masculinity, you end patriarchy.

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zuky: After miraculously surviving a vicious near-lethal...

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After miraculously surviving a vicious, near-lethal assault and being left for dead in a freezing Winnipeg river which she somehow crawled out of before being found unconscious on the riverbank, 16-year-old Rinelle Harper made a powerful appearance at the Assembly of First Nations, which opened its three-day proceedings with a drumming ceremony in her honour. 

In an unusual move, while Rinelle was recovering in the hospital, her family allowed police to publicize her name and face in order to draw out public information about the assault. Soon after, two men were arrested and charged with attempted murder. Her name has since become a rallying cry in calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

Harper spoke to the convention holding an eagle feather, as hundreds of First Nations chiefs and delegates listened. Her statement was met with a roar of applause and a standing ovation:

I am Rinelle Harper and I am from the Garden Hill First Nation. I am here to talk about an end to violence against young aboriginal women.

I understand that conversations have been happening all across the country about ending violence against indigenous women and girls. 

Some people who have visited with me have shared their stories of healing. I ask that everyone here remembers a few simple words: love, kindness, respect and forgiveness.

As a survivor, I respectfully challenge you all to call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women.

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The movie’s music has sleigh bells in the mix at several points, it totally counts.

If Die Hard counts, then so does Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


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6yr: Justice For Mah-Hi-Vist (#Justice4TouchingCloud) "Around...

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Justice For Mah-Hi-Vist (#Justice4TouchingCloud)

"Around 8pm on December 21, 2013 18-year-old Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket was unjustly slain, shot seven times by two Custer County Sheriff employees – Dillon Mach* and a still-unnamed second shooter. Present were also two Oklahoma Highway Patrol employees who work out of Troop H.”

Mahi-hi-vist, which is Cheyenne for “Red Bird,” had graduated from high school a year early and was attending college. Melissa, his mom, described him as “fun-loving” and noted that “he liked to make people laugh.”

Diagnosed four years ago with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Mah-hi-vist was having an episode. Melissa and Mah-hi-vist’s father Wilbur were concerned for his well-being and around 7pm they called 911 out of concern for their son.

From Melissa Goodblanket:

To Whom It May Concern:

Attention Justice and Civil Rights: Interested Parties

Around 8pm on December 21st, 2013, our 18 year old son Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket was unjustly slain, in our western Oklahoma home. Young Mah-hi-vist was shot 7 times with one of those shots being to the back of his head then he was bound and handcuffed. His body was left in the home unattended for 30 minutes before the EMT on scene was sent into the home for vital signs. Mah-hi-vist had been experiencing an ODD episode earlier that evening when we called 911 for fear that he may hurt himself.

When the county deputies arrived they never offered any words nor did they question either of us about the circumstances. Mah-hi-vist had kicked out the glass window of his room (4×6 foot glass window) when deputies arrived they entered the home through the bedroom window. They exited through the same window seconds later, regrouped and re-entered the home a second time through the same window. Two deputies with weapons pulled followed by two Highway Patrol with their weapons pulled. The end result of their arrival to be of assistance was the death of our son.

In April the local District Attorney and his team ruled the shooting death as justified. This type of atrocity should never happen but seems to be on the rise across this country. We are seeking assistance in the truth surfacing in this case and further seek accountability of the officers involved in the killing of our son. We have to date rallied at the local court house, the State Capitol and we have organized and marched with well over 200 other individuals, through the streets of Clinton Oklahoma.

Clinton Oklahoma is located in the far western section of Oklahoma and is the home of the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho people. The area is tainted with stories of prejudice, racism and acts of police brutality towards people of color. The name of the county is Custer, named after a mass murderer of Native women and children. In the county law enforcement building, hangs an oil painting of General George Armstrong Custer. This is the attitude and energy that blankets the Native community here.

At the time the deputies showed up at our home, our son had calmed down and asked them to retrieve his dad and me from outside the home to come in and lay down with him. They refused his request. His girlfriend was with him inside the home when they shot and killed our son. There were no negotiations offered, there was no integrity, no compassion, no honor or respect for life shown to any of our family members and certainly not to our son.

If you can offer any assistance to us in the matter of Justice for Mah-hi-vist , Please feel free to contact us by mail or through email at Please note subject of email as Justice for Mah-hi-vist so we may be able to sort the email and answer your inquiry. We have filed a tort claim and now have 180 days to file lawsuit on any and all involved in the death of our son.

Hope and Trust

Wilbur and Melissa Goodblanket



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So here's the thing you don't have to love Azealia banks but

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Iggy is now on Twitter making fun of Azealia for crying on the radio about her anger and sadness over her struggle as a black woman in hip hop and if that doesn’t tell you how trash Iggy is I don’t know what will.

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